The Trouble With Phosphorus {listen}

Spilled and Spoiled: Exploring Two Worlds of Waste {listen}

Soil is Ground Zero in African Farming Debate {listen}



Brain Drain in Cameroon {listen}

Domesticating the Cane Rat in Cameroon (aired on PRI’s The World) {listen}

Cameroon cracks down on Illegal Hunting (aired on PRI’s The World) {listen}


Local Rice in Senegal (aired on PRI’s The World) {listen}

Senegal’s Talibes (aired on PRI’s The World) {listen}

Lead Recycling Tragedy in Senegal (aired on PRI’s The World) {listen}

Overfishing in Senegal (aired on PRI’s The World) {listen}

Traditional Healers in Senegal (aired on PRI’s The World) {listen}

Crackdown on Gay People in Senegal {listen}


Domestic Stories

Black Communities Struggle with Soaring Energy Costs (Online NewsHour)


States Grapple with Felon Voting Rights (Online NewsHour)


Play on Honor Killings (aired on PRI’s The World)


Connecting Veterans with Green Jobs (OnEarth Magazine Podcast)


Bushmeat in the US (aired on PRI’s The World)

Bushmeat is commonly eaten in parts of Africa. But now it’s turning up in American cities.


Married Priests Now! (aired on PRI’s The World)

Archbishop Milingo

A profile of the controversial Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and his movement for married priests.

Climate Change

Early Signs Series: Lake Tanganyika (aired on Living on Earth)


Some scientists say that global warming is changing the world’s longest lake and threatening its main resource: a tiny fish.


Climate Change Attitudes Report (aired on PRI’s The World)

Why don’t Americans care as much about climate change as the rest of the world?


Carbon Credits (aired on PRI’s The World)

Carbon offsetting is everywhere, but what does it mean?


Climate Adaptation Report (aired on PRI’s The World)

The world will need to adapt to a changing climate, but not every country can afford it.


Local Food (aired on PRI’s The World)

Many people across the US and Europe have started to minimize their carbon footprint by eating local. But the environmental impact is mixed.


Mexican Border Stories

Tijuana Dump (aired on PRI’s The World)

Tijuana Dump Community

A story about a community of scavengers who pick through Tijuana’s dump and live in its shadows.


The All-American Canal (aired on PRI’s The World)

All-American Canal

The All-American Canal leaks. It seeps water into a Mexican aquifer and has for decades. Now, the US government wants to line the canal to stop the seepage.


Border HIV (aired on PRI’s The World)

Border HIV

Health workers are trying to stop the spread of HIV across the US-Mexico border.

Music Stories

Mendes Brothers Global Hit (aired on PRI’s The World)

The Mendes Brothers have recorded some of the most influential Cape Verdean artists from their basement studio in Brockton, Mass. But the studio is closing its doors.


Bebot Global Hit (aired on PRI’s The World)

A Tagalog language video is a sleeper hit in the Filipino-American community. But it’s also a little controversial.


European Chemicals Report (aired on PRI’s The World)

New European chemicals legislation raises health and safety standards around the world.


Wheelchairs in Nicaragua (aired on PRI’s The World)

Immigration in Iceland (aired on PRI’s The World)

Bank advertisement illustrating the new Iceland

Iceland’s homogeneous population is getting a new influx of immigrants.


Whaling in Iceland (aired on PRI’s The World)

Whale Meat

Iceland’s debate over commercial whaling.


Hydrogen Power (aired on PRI’s The World)

The viability of hydrogen power as a replacement for gasoline is being tested in Iceland. But it’s taking longer than expected.


LazyTown (aired on PRI’s The World)


A TV show for kids that gets them to eat veggies and exercise.


Icepick (aired on PRI’s The World)

Graffiti in Iceland

Street art in Iceland.


Audio Slideshows

Hard Times in East St. Louis (Online NewsHour) {watch}

Street Bambas (Next American City) {watch}

Tijuana Dump (produced for PRI’s The World) {watch}

Graffiti in Iceland (PRI’s The World) {watch}


East New York Farms Teaches Teens to Garden (Online NewsHour) {watch}